Mentorship is Everything

Want to accelerate your path to success and happiness? Then learn to model. Ask yourself what have others done and left behind in the field that I can learn to first replicate and then make my own? You should have your own style and flavor but there are proven practices and strategies that others have perfected along the way. There are proven ways to grow and get more clients so why not skip steps and get there faster? Before you can truly “create” you must first understand, so this idea of modeling lives at the core of accelerating your success as a Fitness Pro. Put simply, it’s ok to copy before you create. Many of us want to go straight to creating our own models and philosophies on train

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Boca Raton

IntensityX3 Kickboxing

500 NE Spanish River Blvd. #1

Boca Raton, Fl 33431

Tel: 561-300-4174


Axiom Level 1 - NASM Certification

6 Week NASM-CPT Course

  • Jan 9th - Feb 20th 2021

Axiom Kettlebell Certification