1 Essential Cue for Coaching the Deadlift

The deadlift is the King (or Queen) of exercises, but for many clients can be a long road to perfection. From learning how to hip-hinge top-down, to selecting a stance (sumo vs. traditional), to working on flexibility to pull from the floor....it can be a journey. One that's well worth going on though as you won't find a model for human movement that doesn't include deadlifting or hinging as an essential part of any and all training programs. Like a lot of compound movements, it's one that is also easy to over cue so you have to choose your battles and find the right way to minimize your cues for the maximum benefit with every client. I have made use of the following cues for years..... "Kee

Most Dangerous Exercise Trends of 2018

A lot of things seem to come and go in the fitness industry, but one thing remains.....the fact that humans are extremists and we will try just about anything if we think it will get us fit faster. Some in the fitness industry would like to blame the consumer for being un-educated and chasing ridiculous trends, but funny enough some of these are perpetuated by Personal Trainers themselves. The following are just some of the things trending in our industry right now that could be doing more bad than good, as well as what Fitness Pros should be doing about it. (1) Waist Trainers "Hey Fitness Consumers! Look over here, if you wear this waist trimmer (aka fitness corset) it will make your waist

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