Finding Success In Fitness [Part 1]

Step #1 is to Become a Resource Entering the fitness industry can be intimidating. Where do you get started and how do you break through the noise? You aren't going to make 6 figures in your first year. Period. So you have to know coming in that it's going to be a grind and might take a little while before you are making solid jing. The best of the best can get a full book of clients in just a few months but for many it takes much longer. How does someone go about stepping foot into a typically unstable industry and end up making a decent (or more than decent) living out of it? A great way to get ahead in the industry (or any industry for that matter) is to learn from those who have done it

Top 3 Tips to Keep Clients Engaged

In the world of personal training, long-time clients are the absolute best. You get to have a huge impact on their life, their health, and their longevity. You get to know them on a deep level and build a true relationship; you become a staple in their life and they probably become one in yours. The longer you work with someone, the more comfortable you’ll become with each other and sometimes with that it’s easy to get stale with their workouts. We all need to be kept accountable and not get too comfortable. The last thing you want is to lose someone you’ve spent so much time and have made so much progress with. Check out these 3 tips to keep your clients engaged over the long haul and keep

Secrets to Core Stabilization

The ability to stabilize your core is crucial for proper exercise technique and injury prevention. Unfortunately, I’ve found that few people are able to do so properly. For most people, it isn’t enough for us to just tell them to “squeeze your abs” or “tighten your core.” If that client has no idea what a tight core should feel like, that cue is going to fall flat. When giving cues, we have to break them down into two categories: internal and external. In this instance, internal cues refer to our ability to feel a contraction in the correct muscles/groups by contracting them ourselves. External cues will need an outside source or implement to force the contraction of those muscles. Ideally,

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