Finding Success In Fitness [Part 3]

In Part One of this series, we talked about becoming the resource. (Go read it here if you haven’t already.) In Part Two we talked about what it means to be an entrepreneur and have that mindset. (Click here to read this one if you haven’t yet.) The third key is putting clients first, and using this in everything you do within your business. This simple concept can Be a simple framework and filter for making out on a day-to-day decisions but also bigger picture changes to your systems and processes. Don't get this mistaken with the idea that the client or the customer is always right, as this is definitely not the case, but if you are consistently making decisions with their best interests i

4 Ways To Avoid Burnout

Burnout is real. As new personal trainers, the thought of burnout, or getting tired of personal training, doesn’t seem like a possibility. We’re living our dream, right? Getting to work in a gym, help people, make our own hours, and we get to wear shorts (or leggings) and T-shirts as work attire. How can you get sick of that? Unfortunately, this is an all too common occurrence in the field. Burn out is a big reason why the average personal trainer only lasts about a year in the profession. Fear not though, as there are ways to avoid burnout. The following tips and tricks that can be used to stave off the feeling of wanting to quit, most of which are fairly easy to put in place. Start impleme

Finding Success In Fitness [Part 2]

Success in Fitness [Part 2] Think Like An Entrepreneur Step #2 is to think like an entrepreneur. If you’re just jumping into this series and haven’t heard about Step #1 yet, Become The Resource; click here to read it now. Entrepreneurship is a sexy concept these days across all industries, but in the Fitness Industry you don’t have to be a business owner or millionaire to start thinking like one. It all starts with seeing YOURSELF and your clientele as a business and thinking beyond gym shorts and burning calories. You have to wake up every day thinking (and taking action) like an entrepreneur. Don't want to read about it? That's cool.... watch this video instead. [1] Look at fitness as a bu

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