The Mobility, Stability, Strength Triad

Have you ever really thought about where strength or power derive from? For a long time, I never really thought about it other than the obvious suspects. Of course, bigger muscles produce more force. End of story, right? Not exactly. Sure, bigger muscles have the ability to produce more force, but that’s really where we begin to uncover the true potential of our bodies. It's great that muscles produce force, but we should be more concerned with how our muscles produce force. Looking deeper, we begin to uncover the nervous system and the electrical impulses that control motor units, which controls the amount of muscle fibers that contract in a given movement. The more practice we get with mo

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Axiom Level 1 - NASM Certification

6 Week NASM-CPT Course

  • Jan 9th - Feb 20th 2021

Axiom Kettlebell Certification