Understanding and Training the 3 Planes Of Motion

Whether you are studying for the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), the National Strength & Conditioning (NSCA), or American Council on Exercise (ACE) CPT programs - You are going to need to understand planes of motion. These three planes of motion are a fundamental pattern of human movement that often get ignored in most workouts you see in the gym. They’re not just important because they define how the human body was built to move but are essential in building balanced programs. This doesn’t mean you need an even ratio of all three - but you do need an ongoing awareness of where movements fall and how you can better drive client results. Overloading one plane or neglecting another

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Axiom Level 1 - NASM Certification

6 Week NASM-CPT Course

  • Jan 9th - Feb 20th 2021

Axiom Kettlebell Certification