Learn To Master The Kettlebell And Deliver Fun And Highly-Effective Workouts

The kettlebell has been responsible for creating good-looking and well-performing bodies for thousands of years. Originally designed in Russia, it is one of the simplest and most trusted tools for developing high levels of physical fitness and performance in fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and those that want a great workout in less time.

But don't let its simple design fool you, it can be a killer. In fact, multiple research studies have confirmed that kettlebell training can increase power, strength, and cardiovascular endurance as well or better than traditional exercise equipment when used correctly. But, just like any other tool, you have to know how to use it correctly.

While kettlebells are small and portable like a standard dumbbell, they're capable of enhanced results because they operate quite differently. Sure, you could just grab and go for some basic exercises, but you'd be leaving a lot of potential benefits on the table or maybe setting yourself or a client up for potential injury.

You don't want to end up on one of those #gymfail videos, right?

Of course not.

You'd rather be the one performing or coaching those kettlebell moves perfectly and being the trainer that gets their clients stellar results. The type of results that keep your current clients engaged and have others seeking you out to learn from you. To do that, though, you'll need to get some coaching yourself.

The Axiom Fitness Academy Kettlebell Certification is the perfect way to learn how to master the kettlebell quickly and easily. In just a couple hours, you'll be able to add a new tool to your training toolbox that will allow you to create and deliver high-quality kettlebell workouts that your clients will love.

The Axiom Kettlebell Certification

The Axiom Fitness Academy Kettlebell Certification is a hands-on workshop geared towards teaching the fundamentals of kettlebell training for personal trainers.


The applications of kettlebells with clients are endless, but this 3 hour workshop gives personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts the tools needed to effectively and safely teach some of the most useful kettlebell training moves. More importantly, the workshop is also built around a coaching philosophy and features step-by-step teaching progressions.

Attendees of the Axiom Kettlebell Certification will learn:

  • How to enhance a client's mobility, stability, and athleticism using kettlebells

  • The standards and fundamental movements that should be mastered to maximize kettlebell training

  • Technique demonstration, coaching cues, and regressions/progressions for the most popular and beneficial kettlebell exercises

Exercises taught and tested include:

  1. Swings (single and dual arm versions)

  2. Goblet Squat

  3. Snatch

  4. Clean

  5. Turkish Get-up

  6. Carry Variations

Your Instructor: Joe Drake


Joe Drake has 14+ years of experience working in the fitness industry and is an international fitness educator. Having worked with brands like Technogym, NASM, and NSCA, he knows how to integrate the science and application of exercise and help coaches across the globe level up their game.

Joe holds a Masters degree in Exercise Science from Florida Atlantic University as well as a long list of certifications from nearly every accredited organization. He is the co-founder of the Axiom Fitness Academy and currently serves as the regional manager for IntensityX3 Fitness and Kickboxing, one of Boca Raton's premier fitness brands.

Hands-On And CEU Approved

At Axiom Fitness Academy, we believe there's no replacement for hands-on learning. Sure, learning via the internet can be convenient or superior for some lessons, but not for the finer skills of personal training.

The best trainers and coaches don't just know the information, they can demonstrate and apply it. When it comes to coaching exercises, there is simply no replacement for hands-on learning.

In the Axiom Kettlebell Certification, you'll learn exactly how to perform, coach, and program each exercise with other attendees so that you're prepared to do the same with your clients. You'll also get continuing education credits for your time and money so you can keep your certification up to date.

*3.0 NASM CEUs are provided, but are often accepted by most other organizations.

"The Axiom kettlebell certification was instrumental in helping me to understand the various dynamics, functions and techniques for a wide variety of exercises. Since then, I’ve been much more confident in my ability to incorporate kettlebell training into my clients programming as well as my own." 

-Ross Pugatch


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Our next Kettlebell Certification is set for November 7th, 2020 and space is limited. Due to COVID-19, we can only accept 20 participants in order maintain proper physical distancing.

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"The Axiom kettlebell certification was an awesome experience filled with practical knowledge and application. I learned from some of the top coaches in the industry on how to blend kettlebell training into my own training as well as into my clients programs. The kettlebell has become one of my favorite ways to move! I would highly recommend it!

-Jhoel Gaona



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Axiom Level 1 - NASM Certification

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Axiom Kettlebell Certification