JULY 19TH, 2020 



Dive deep into the mechanisms of pain and injury risk for common issues of the every day client. Attendees will learn how to: 

  • Use daily movement assessments to guide training and make appropriate adjustments. 

  • Integrate the right mobility drills for each client to free up tight muscles and increase active range of motion. 

  • Stability and activation drills to get clients engaging the right muscles and improve movement. 

  • How to choose the right exercises and make modifications for continued progress even with movement restrictions. 

All participants will leave with not only a higher level understanding of what contributes to "poor" movement but also have hands-on coaching experience with the best strategies to address it. This will mean addressing some of the most common areas of mobility restriction [ankles, hips, thoracic spine, shoulders] as well as simplify the process of enhancing stability in areas like the knees, low back, and shoulder blade. 

When: July 19th, 12pm-4pm

Where: IntensityX3 - East Boca Raton (map below)

Cost: $149 ($99 for Axiom Grads)





Josh has been a personal trainer in South Florida for the past 10 years and Axiom Fitness Academy instructor for the past 2 years. Over that span, he has worked with hundreds of clients individually, in small groups, and large group classes. While Josh has worked with almost every demographic of client, his specialties lie in post-rehab (physical therapy/post-injury), mobility, youth athletes.




Led by Josh Gangaware





Boca Raton

IntensityX3 Kickboxing

500 NE Spanish River Blvd. #1

Boca Raton, Fl 33431

Tel: 561-300-4174


Axiom Level 1 - NASM Certification

6 Week NASM-CPT Course

  • Sep 5th - Oct. 10th 

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