Axiom Fitness Academy’s Courses provide a unique experience in the realm of fitness education. We believe most programs today lack proper hands-on guidance and leave students with a lot of text book knowledge and no "real-world" experience. The end result is a trainer with a lot of facts and zero practical know-how. If you want to do it right, and set yourself up to truly become a great trainer, you must master the science as well as the physical component of training. Our programs are designed to give you the best hands-on, no-nonsense "in the trenches" learning experience possible while simultaneously giving you the latest exercise science knowledge you need to succeed. 


NASM Personal Training Course // Axiom Level 1 Cert

This hands-on Certified personal training course is perfect for the student that wants both the science as well as the practical application to back it up. Top Instructors will lead you every step of the way toward earning the nationally recognized and NCCA accredited NASM-CPT credential. With this certification, you will be qualified to work as a personal trainer in any gym in the United States. This truly immersive course is the perfect path for busy adults that want to become ELITE  Certified Personal Trainers and is the entry point into Axiom's long term development path. 





Axiom Level 2 Cert // Advanced Programming Strategies

Level 2 is geared towards those who have already completed the Level 1 Course (or) currently hold a nationally accredited Personal Training Certification and want to learn higher level mobility, strength, fat loss, and programming strategies not covered in the NASM Personal Training Certification. This 4 week hands-on course is approved for NASM CEU's and was developed in order to help Fitness Pros in their first few years of training time collapse the learning curve it takes to be the best in the field. Axiom educators have been working with professionals from around the world to condense the most effective training and coaching strategies that deliver client results across the board. This course also covers business building principles throughout and how to use this higher level of training skill to gain high paying consistent clients. 





Kettlebell Certification


In our Kettlebell Fundamentals Workshop you will:


  • Master the fundamentals of Kettlebell Training. 


  • Accelerate your personal fitness level as well as your clients.


  • Participate in hands on Kettlebell workouts which is the best way to learn proper training techniques and all of the variations of kettlebell use. 


  • Learn how to instruct proper kettlebell use for beginner to advanced clients.


  • Separate yourself from the pack by being proficient in the art of Kettlebell training! 






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Axiom Level 1 - NASM Cert

6 Week NASM-CPT Course

  • June 6th - July 18th

  • Sep 5th - Oct. 10th 

Axiom Level 2 Certification

4 Week Advanced Mentorship

  • July 25th - Aug. 15th

  • Oct 17th - Nov. 7th