NT Loop Max Burn Combo Pack: 1 Red and 1 Blue Band

The NT Loop combo pack features one loop of each color so that you always have the right resistance level for each exercise in your gym bag. It is their best-selling option and is perfect for:

  • Independent Personal Trainers
  • Mobile Personal Trainers
  • Gym Enthusiasts
  • Home Exercisers


More on the NT Loop:

The NT Loop was designed by world-famous coach, Nick Tumminello to provide more comfort, stability and durability than traditional latex superbands. Additionally, they are also reversible, washable, and convenient to travel with.


All NT Loops are custom designed to be 50” long by 3” wide. This carefully-sized band was created to not only offer unlimited exercise-enhancing applications, but to also surpass all the current options that exist in the market.


Unlike a traditional superband, the NT Loop is built for a high level of comfort. It is 3 inches wide and made of a quality fabric, so you don’t have to deal with it digging into your body or moving around during training thanks to its inner grip.


That’s not all – this band is built to last!


You’ll never have to worry about it peeling, snapping, or losing its elasticity over time. No matter how many times you use it, it will still perform like brand new. That’s because each band features our proprietary Dura-Stretch technology and has been independently tested for consistent performance over time.

After you use it the first time, the NT Loop will earn a coveted spot in your gym bag forever.

NT Loop [combo pack]

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