The Path of Achilles

Life will never give you the “right time” to be great or do something legendary but what is going to be your legacy?

Do you think you are going to remember playing it safe and going with a “stable career” with benefits and a guaranteed spot next to Bob in a cubicle of your own? Is that how you see yourself waking up every day and making an impact on the world around you? Would that be living up to your potential and personal responsibility to give back by doing something powerful? If that all sounds good enough for you then this would be a good time to stop reading.

The Legend of Achilles speaks of a man who was so driven to leave a mark on the world that he would stop at nothing to make it happen. He knew his purpose and pursued it without fear or doubt and he rapidly became known as the most talented and feared warrior around. None of this happened overnight and he was not born this way but trained with relentless purpose and direction for years. This consistent preparation and drive heightened his senses in battle and gave him an edge over all others. This is why we hear his story now and he is one of the most recognizable figures in Greek Mythology.

You might be thinking, “well Joe don’t you remember his heel? I don’t want to get shot in the ankle!” Achilles weakness was exposed and the story ends with his death as a result of taking an arrow to his heel. The one spot that stories say was left unprotected by the gods and left him mortal.

What if my Achilles heel is exposed and I fail? What if I can’t make it…..

You have to be willing to take one in the heel!

Stories from Greek Mythology are not meant to purely be repeated but to learn from. If what you take away from the story is that you must not expose your “heel” and take chances then you will never reach your full potential. However if you take away a sense of excitement and fulfillment from the story of Achilles that there is massive opportunity for impact and success, then you are on your way to dominating a career in the Fitness Industry.

A Career in Fitness might not be a “sure thing” but:

“If you want to take the island, then burn the f***ing boats!” –Tony Robbins

This means no backup plans or playing it safe. There is no time or energy for anything else because it detracts from your goal and purpose and delays your success. You are on the path to becoming a true Fitness Professional. This means building a fulfilling and financially rewarding career helping people change their lives. What could be better than that?

Much like Achilles however this requires constant training, learning, and taking action. The road will surely be tough and the path not always clear. Success in the Fitness Industry requires a combination of framing your mindset to be open to mentorship along with tangible tools and tips to help you make progress towards the top of the food chain.

Some of it might not be the sexy stuff but these are the things the most successful Personal Trainers are doing on a regular basis. It's easy to dream big and think about how great life could be and it's an entirely different thing to actually do something about it.

Achilles was also a man of action. Nobody will remember the things you thought about doing but you are defined and remembered by the things that you DO. If you are still reading at this point then I will assume you are on the path of Achilles and ready to make moves. You are determined to make the people and world around you a better place and this all starts with turning thoughts and emotions into actions.

Work on at least one thing you know you should be doing…..every single day. If you want to change the world, impact others, and live a life worth telling stories about then make today your beginning, because NOW is the only good time to be legendary.

Joe Drake is the CEO & Lead Educator for the Axiom Fitness Academy as well as, Co-Owner of Gravity + Oxygen Fitness. Dedicated to helping other Fitness Pros find success in the industry, Joe has become a resource for new trainers and facilities in South Florida who are committed to elevating the client experience.

You can connect with Joe more at or subscribe here!

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