Getting Access to the Road Does NOT Make You a Great Driver

Meet Jimmy. Jimmy loved working out for as long as he could remember and had thought about becoming a Personal Trainer for a few years now.

Jimmy had become somewhat known around the gym and a lot of his friends were constantly asking about his workout programs and what he ate and what kind of protein they should be taking.

Jimmy was training a few of his friends for free and really enjoyed seeing them make progress. He started to wonder if this is something he could do more with so he finally ponied up and decided he was going to get certified.

Jimmy signed up online and studied hard for about 6 months for his exam…..and he passed!

Jimmy was stoked and he quickly got hired at his local big box gym to start training and picking up clients. Jimmy was chock full of excitement and passion about changing lives and helping people feel good and look amazing, just like he did for himself every day.

Armed with his water jug and Tupperware meals for the day Jimmy hung out at the gym almost every day. He made sure to post photos of himself at the gym, went up to people on the treadmill, and even gave free consultations but for Jimmy business was slow.

He couldn’t understand why he wasn’t packed with clients within his first month of getting certified. He felt like he was doing all the “right things” to get clients. It’s not that his effort wasn’t there but it wasn’t working and Jimmy needed to pay the bills.

He was frustrated that despite getting certified, clients weren’t just flocking his way. Not to mention his split schedule with the ones he had. Jimmy picked up a job waiting tables in the evenings and on weekends at a local bar. He was making some decent money on tips but now he was exhausted Saturday mornings waking up for clients. He found himself feeling a little sluggish and unmotivated in the gym and he wasn’t able to give his clients his best energy. Jimmy started to wonder if Personal Training was for him.

Keep in Mind: You Don’t Have to be Jimmy

Jimmy’s story (common one) is exactly why the Fitness Industry has such high turnover. Personal Training has a relatively low barrier for entry and most people don’t enter in with an accurate story or plan as to how exactly they are going to be successful. Jimmy thought the hardest thing to do was get certified but getting your Personal Training Certification is just the beginning!

You must get certified, no way around it. So how and where do you take care of the first hurdle? There are over 300+ certifications out there but the best thing is to go with one of the most well-known NCCA Accredited Certs such as the ones below. These are what employers are looking for and will allow you to work most anywhere as a Personal Trainer.

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

  • National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA)

  • American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

  • American Counsel on Exercise (ACE)

Of course you can get certified online in a weekend or though a cheap course nobody has ever heard of, but don’t waste your time.

This initial step is about COMMITTING to excellence.

Don’t start the journey already looking for shortcuts, because there is much to be learned along the trail.

The right certification….and even better, the right training program (cough…Axiom…cough) will give you not just the information, but the skills & mentorship it takes to make it to the next level in the fitness industry.

Don't wait to get on the road, but make sure and do it with a plan!

Talk soon,

Joe Drake is the CEO & Lead Educator for the Axiom Fitness Academy as well as, Co-Owner of Gravity + Oxygen Fitness. Dedicated to helping other Fitness Pros find success in the industry, Joe has become a resource for new trainers and facilities in South Florida who are committed to elevating the client experience.

You can connect with Joe more at or subscribe here!

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