Mentorship is Everything

Want to accelerate your path to success and happiness? Then learn to model.

Ask yourself what have others done and left behind in the field that I can learn to first replicate and then make my own? You should have your own style and flavor but there are proven practices and strategies that others have perfected along the way.

There are proven ways to grow and get more clients so why not skip steps and get there faster?

Before you can truly “create” you must first understand, so this idea of modeling lives at the core of accelerating your success as a Fitness Pro.

Put simply, it’s ok to copy before you create.

Many of us want to go straight to creating our own models and philosophies on training without ever understanding or experiencing models that work. This means diving into who and what’s out there in the industry so you can identify successful models and strive to learn from them.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to other Trainers and Fitness Pros that you see living the “Path of Achilles.” Finding mentors along the way is a MUST. This might be the #1 thing that will continue to push you to the next level.

Find those you look up to and who are achieving the kind of growth you are looking for and I bet they are willing to help. I have been fortunate enough to have some amazing mentors along the way (David Crump, JC Santana, Todd Durkin, Nick Tumminello, Jane Bahneman and more) and they were all willing to give me their time to learn and grow.

When I first moved down to South Florida I had been following Juan Carlos Santana for a few years. I found out his facility (Institute of Human Performance) was right around the corner so I set out to call and email him until he responded. To my surprise he wrote me back right away and spent almost two hours with me upon first meeting, just because he cared! Talk about someone driven to give back, he is an amazing example.

How else can you find mentors outside of reaching out? Sometimes, the right ones find you. Shoot one of my mentors and great friends, Dave, was an ex-girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend but he didn’t let that stand in the way of us connecting. I guess we must have had something in common right?

Mentorship is a two way relationship, so the nice thing is that both people grow and develop in the process. The best of the best get this and are willing to make time. Not all successful Fitness Pros will make or are ready to be great mentors because of the commitment that it takes from both sides, but there are plenty of “Obi-Wan Kenobi’s” out there waiting to be found.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. –Buddha-

Finding a mentor may not happen overnight but the hunt for one is crucial. Let’s be honest,

Luke would have never mastered the Force without Yoda and Batman would have never conquered his fears without Ra’s al Ghul.

If finding a mentor was their key to reaching Hero status and leaving the “ordinary world” behind, I am going to venture to say it might work for you.

Not only can you learn from their mistakes and triumphs but just being around other successful Trainers will elevate your game. Surround yourself with the best and you will become the best.


Haven't found one yet? Don't worry you can still work on all of the other things you must do to find success as a Fitness Pro.

Just remember, we all need an eagle in the sky when we have our heads down fighting out way through the jungle.

Joe Drake is the CEO & Lead Educator for the Axiom Fitness Academy as well as, Co-Owner of Gravity + Oxygen Fitness. Dedicated to helping other Fitness Pros find success in the industry, Joe has become a resource for new trainers and facilities in South Florida who are committed to elevating the client experience.

You can connect with Joe more at or subscribe here!

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