Finding Success In Fitness [Part 1]

Step #1 is to Become a Resource

Entering the fitness industry can be intimidating. Where do you get started and how do you break through the noise?

You aren't going to make 6 figures in your first year. Period. So you have to know coming in that it's going to be a grind and might take a little while before you are making solid jing.

The best of the best can get a full book of clients in just a few months but for many it takes much longer.

How does someone go about stepping foot into a typically unstable industry and end up making a decent (or more than decent) living out of it?

A great way to get ahead in the industry (or any industry for that matter) is to learn from those who have done it before you. We're not saying you should seek out to copy or become them as times change, but look for the principles of success you can apply yourself.

So, what do some of the biggest names in the fitness industry do to find success?

In John Goodman’s (Founder of book, Viralnomics, he talks about becoming “The Guy.”

We all have a "guy" or "girl" for things in our lives like cars, and plumbing, and real estate, etc. Why not health & fitness? When your family or friends or friends of friends have questions about fitness or working out, whom do they go to?

The answer needs to be you.

How do you actually go about becoming “The Guy?”

Not interested in reading about it? Watch this video instead.


You have to put in the work to become the expert. Do the research, learn what you need to know, and get experience in what you’re doing. We live in a day and age where everyone is trying to "hack" their way to the top......but then imposter syndromes starts to creep along.

You can only fake your way for so long, so just commit to putting in the time and effort it takes to become the absolute best. In order to do this especially in fitness and training it can't be something you do on the side, or just part time.

You need to be reading good content, all the time. You need to be seeking out other experts in the field, learning from them, and then putting it all to use with clients on a daily basis. Rinse and repeat for a number of years and you are sure to be on the right path.


This isn’t to say from the second you start personal training you only work with athletes or geriatrics. Very rarely will it shake out that way.

You will be in no position to turn down clients and you’re going to need to be working with a wide variety of people. This is great though because the broader perspective will force you to learn more about the kinds of clients that you do best with and enjoy the most.

While you’re doing that, you can start to create your own style of training and build a reputation. If you're following through on the first key, becoming the expert, then you will be learning and applying so often that you will begin to reach the point of creation where you start to make things more your own.

In this you craft an approach and affinity for a certain type of clientele or goal orientation and although it will not likely be the ONLY clientele you train, somewhat of a niche may start to take shape. People tend to refer others much like themselves so if you continue to over deliver then world will spread that you are the guy/girl for this type of thing.


Having a mentor who was on the same path as you will not only allow you to have some help and smooth out your path, but likely accelerate the process as well.

You can learn from their mistakes and take their advice. The goal again is not to skip all of the steps, but often times an external viewpoint is needed to avoid pitfalls and shoot holes in ideas that shouldn't make it to the starting blocks.

The best of the best have mentors and coaches, so don't think it's relegated only for beginners. It's an ongoing process and when you get down to it, it's not all that different than what your clients need along the way.

The right mentor will expose you to people, opportunities, and ways of thinking you may not have come to on your own....and most importantly they will hold your feet to the fire to keep making progress.


This is probably the number one variable that stops people from being successful.

This is not the sexy or glamorous side of the industry, but it’s necessary to make your way to the top.

Constantly be reading, be writing, be putting out good high-quality content (like the kind you should be reading all the time). Most importantly.....train your ass off to deliver value for as many people as possible.

It's repetitions you need and when it comes to starting a business or trying new things, sometimes you need to fire first and aim second.

Consistency over the long term will always trump amazing one time efforts, so set-up systems for things like social media posting, writing, etc. that allow you to set aside time weekly to stay consistent.

This is the time consuming part that no one sees you do, but the outcome will lead to you becoming the resource. Because very few others will commit to doing it.

Let that be your secret weapon.

Look out for Part 2: Think Like An Entreprenuer.

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