Speak With An Advisor

Getting started in the Fitness Industry can be scary. How do you go about getting certified? How much money can you make? How long is it going to take?


So many questions - but we got you!


This can be as short or long of a call as you like but carve out at least 15 minutes to jump on a phone call and talk more about your plans for fitness and how we can help.


On this call you'll talk with Joe about:

  • What you're doing now and how you'd like to see fitness and Personal Training fit into your career plans.

  • Any questions you have about getting certified or opportunity that exists in the industry.

  • The setting you would most likely succeed in and how we can connect you with those places.

  • Exactly what to expect from the Academy including - timeline, costs, passing rates, etc.


Schedule a call in the available times - next course is starting soon!



Boca Raton

IntensityX3 Kickboxing

500 NE Spanish River Blvd. #1

Boca Raton, Fl 33431

Tel: 561-300-4174


Axiom Level 1 - NASM Certification

6 Week NASM-CPT Course

  • Jan 9th - Feb 20th 2021

Axiom Kettlebell Certification